Masso-Flex Cream Kit


Use the Masso-Flex cream set to relieve muscle and joint injuries in the back, neck and shoulders. Apply the Masso-Flex cream to the painful area and massage until the cream is completely absorbed into the skin.

Anti-inflammatory cream

The Kit Includes:
2 tubes 80g of Masso-Flex cream

Active Ingredients of the Cream

Arnica: Arnica is a plant widely used in the treatment of muscle and joint injuries. Its unique properties help to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation.
Salicylates and eucalyptus: Salicylates and eucalyptus help to desensitize the painful area and gives an analgesic effect to the cream; offering an effective, pain-relieving treatment for muscle and joint pain.
Menthol and Clove Essential Oils: These ingredients prevent the pain from spreading to surrounding unaffected areas.


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