Who are we?

Joint and muscle injuries and pains can occur during training for any type of physical activity. This is why I developed the Masso-Flex kits.

Initially I developed it for myself, my friends and colleagues who practice amateur or professional sports.

Friends and colleagues liked it so much that they asked me to make new ones for them, some of them even made their friends try it, which naturally led me to market the product.

Masso-flex, founded by Mr. Poitras, is a family business. Mr. Poitras worked for a natural health products company for more than 25 years as the head of a team of formulators. In this capacity, he contributed to the success of several well-known products.

Our mission

Because we believe that health and fitness are intimately linked to well-being, we are pleased to promote a product that can help society lead a healthier life.

Our values

Promoting excellence

Being there for our customers

Help you maintain a healthy lifestyle